Tips for Writing Movie Trivia Questions

13 Sep

Below are some few pointers of writing simple movie trivia questions and answers.

You can't please everybody

It 's hard to balance questions between simple (such as the casual enthusiast) and hard (for your die-hards). The casual fan wishes to stay with what is in the film and on the DVD case. The die-hard are likely to have all of the dialogues memorized, and needs to be asked questions concerning the history of the movie and its creation. Be clear which kind of fan you need answering a particular question correctly and get it out there.

Make each question stand on its own

Make It simple to get someone read and understands the question. It is frustrating to get to browse up, about and down to get the context of an incomplete question. Know on this site!

Make each word count

You should ask yourself whether an individual can scan your question in 5 seconds and get what it is about. Make the question crisp and to the point. Select a writing style and be consistent with your selection of words so that the user knows exactly what you are getting at easily. Learn more about trivia games at

Double-check your facts

Your mind can play tricks on you. You might find yourself remembering something that did not happen. Try internet resources where people have written about the movie. Assessing facts is more difficult for films that are newer, but is worth the effort. Bear in mind, people want to get the perfect score, and you also do not need a trivia buff getting angry at you for stating that their answer was incorrect.

Know your audience

Be clear on whom you want to answer your question right, as you think of your simple triviaquestions. This way, you can make sure that it challenges some who play and educates others in the process.

Mix it up so that it never gets predictable

Here we're talking about grammar and the structure of your question. Let us say you love a particular video game. Imagine if a series of 20 queries came at you, and each one of them was too easy to predict. Wouldn't that be boring? If each of the questions was phrased somewhat differently, on the flip side, you would enjoy answering the 20 questions

A photo or image can be more than the eye candy

There is a fantastic trivia question hiding behind a picture of a particular movie or video game, that is related to the film that you want to write about. Should you have a photograph you can use, consider crafting a question around the photograph

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